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An American Adventure that re-explored the Lewis and Clark route across what was the new Louisiana Purchase Territory now defined by ten states.


Artist/Explorer Stuart Morse and family are in their sixth year of this project that included three years of re-exploring and documenting the entire route.  They are now sharing their discoveries through many programs described below.  All around the flagship of the project, The Lewis and Clark Commemorative Paintings.  These ten monumental paintings capture the unique landscapes and environments along the route as it is today, 200 years after Lewis and Clarks historic journey.  They are a celebration of the American Landscape.


The Bureau of Land Management, United States Department of the Interior wrote:
Due to the Stuart H. Morse Lewis and Clark commemorative landscape paintings monumental size and vibrant, diverse color they have the ability to capture the imagination and sense of exploration and adventure possible in the United States now and in the past. Other art work of this type, quality and magnitude has not been found.


Stuart Morse, artist/explorer wrote:

"I hope that everyone will learn from this Bicentennial and be inspired to embrace the explorer spirit and make their own discoveries in the environments in which we live and travel." 


Office of the Governor, State of Missouri   
First Lady Lori Hauser Holden wrote:
"I am excited for you and the communities in Missouri where Art Expeditions will travel.  What a great way for families to spend time, learn more about Lewis & Clark in Missouri and take part in this great art experience.  I look forward to participating myself." 
"Thank you for providing this educational art experience not only to Missourians, but the millions of people who will be celebrating the Lewis & Clark bicentennial".


 Field Notes from the Trail!
(Click to see images taken from each state
on the route from Missouri to Washington.)

Artist/Explorer Stuart Morse atop their special vehicle along the Missouri River, 2001.



The Lewis and Clark Commemorative Paintings:
Originals and Prints.  For exhibit in communities and for purchase.  
See program #2 (below) for information on hosting traveling exhibit.



Grant sources for Arts Programs tied to Lewis and Clark.

Missouri Arts Council
Grant Application

Other States
*Check with your state arts agency for grant opportunities for Lewis and Clark programs through art.

  1. "Celebrate America" The Lewis and Clark Community Youth Mural Project
    A special program for communities and events to celebrate their resources and history all tied to the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial.  for children ages 5 and up create a mural for that community.  To be built for all states to use. 
    **Download PDF of program for America by clicking below!      
    "Celebrate America" Mural Project

    Other states to follow!
  2. "Discover America" The Lewis and Clark Commemorative Paintings Exhibition Program
    A traveling, community exhibition program featuring framed limited edition prints of contemporary paintings by artist Stuart Morse.
    **Download PDF of program for all states by clicking below!
    "Discover America" Print Exhibition Program
  3. "Discover America":  Artist Lecture Series
    A guest lecture series, by artist Stuart H. Morse, describing the journey to explore and capture a vast landscape 200 years after Lewis and Clark.
    **Download PDF of program for all states by clicking below!
    "Discover America":  Artist Lecture Series
  4. Explore-it "The Art of Discovery"
    Lewis and Clark Art Expeditions program with photography and sketching.
    (learn more).

    **Download PDF of program for all states by clicking below!
    Explore-it "The Art of Discovery"


For information on scheduled events in 2003 along the Lewis and Clark Trail,
e-mail Art Expeditions at

or call us at (636) 458-0886.


Stuart Morse.
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