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Stacey A. Morse, Artist

Note: Images have been shot in the following negative formats: 35mm, 4x5, and 5x7.
To maintain image quality a general rule for maximum print sizes is approximately
35mm up to 20"x24", 4x5 up to 30"x40", and 5x7 up to very large.

Photographic Print Price Table
Prices do not include tax or shipping.

Image Size.
(in inches)
Fiber Based Print mounted on Acid Free Foam Core.
8 x 10 $125.00
11 x 14 $250.00
16 x 20 $450.00
20 x 24 $600.00
24 x 30 ** $750.00
30 x 40 ** $1000.00
Call for pricing on framing.
** Available at the prices only if negative on image is 4x5 or 5x7 format.
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Stuart Morse.
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