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Photographs by artist Stacey Morse

"As an artist I feel compelled to seek out the different and unique visual elements I want to capture."

The emphasis of her work to date is composed of dramatic landscape photographs as well as dynamic images composed
from subject matter and environments one might pass without consideration.

Note: Images have been shot in the following negative formats: 35mm, 4x5, and 5x7.
To maintain image quality a general rule for maximum print sizes is approximately
35mm up to 20"x24", 4x5 up to 30"x40", and 5x7 up to 40"x60".

Samples of Black and White Architectural and Landscape Photography from Missouri, Colorado, New Mexico.  Many more locations available.


Arch Path

Arch Lake & Grounds

Arch Lake
wphothumb St. Louis City Hall.JPG (7370 bytes)
St. Louis City Hall
wphothumb America's Center.JPG (6654 bytes)
Americas Center
wphothumb America's Center, St. Louis.JPG (6004 bytes)
Americas Center II


wphothumb Eads Bridge.JPG (5288 bytes)
Ead's Bridge
wphothumb St. Louis Art Museum.JPG (6063 bytes)
St. Louis Art Museum

Kirkwood Train

Dutzow Cemetery

Mill's Farm

The Lane

Rombach Barn

Southern Missouri

Morse Pond

wphothumb fish creek falls Steamboat, CO..JPG (7110 bytes)
Fish Creek Falls
wphothumb waterfall 2 CB, CO.JPG (6177 bytes)
Baroni Mine Area 1

Blue Mesa Reservoir

Upper Colorado

Falls Crossing


Lower Falls
wphothumb Stream 1 CB, CO.JPG (5603 bytes)
Upper Stream
Area 1

wphothumb Lake CB, CO.JPG (4788 bytes)
wphothumb Lake 2 CB, CO.JPG (4978 bytes)

Mountain Lake West


wphothumb taos cemetery.JPG (5207 bytes)
Taos Cemetery

Taos Landscape

Trading Post

Taos Pueblo