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Morse Fine Art Studios provides innovative solutions through the use of art and design in key areas of the following:

  • Architecture/Interior Design (Commercial & Residential)
  • Workplace Strategies & Design
  • Evidence-based Design
  • Environmental Aesthetic Design & Communication: Culture, Values, Brand and Identity
  • Commissioned Fine Art (Commercial & Residential)
  • Fine Art Collecting

Results: People and Organizations

  • Gain more meaning and interest towards themselves and/or their company through the environments in which they live and work.
  • Broaden their scope of communication mediums to their friends, colleagues and clients
  • Are able to capture and share ideas, insights, legacy and values with others in a holistic, more meaningful and effective means
  • Strengthen their networks by becoming more connected and aligned to one another around identity and purpose

Our goal is to provide value to our clients in helping their vision become a reality and to provide ways to capture, communicate and share that vision.  We use our expertise from working with clients since 1987 along with research from multiple sources that focus on how art and design can be an effective resource for individuals, organizations, institutions, business, government, communities and cultures.

It is our philosophy that the integral use of art and design tied to the use of "story" is key to their successful use.  This allows solutions for our clients to go beyond just the "pleasing to the eye" level of value.  Therefore, the solutions for our clients are both analytic and creative in nature and keep their vision at the core.

In addition to our Fine Art, Vision BeaconTM and Design services we have a partnership with The Morse Group.  Their DNA Mindset & ProcessTM and Engagement Platforms  uses art and design as both an engagement tool and a way to capture ideas and visions for individuals and groups. 


Staff (at) MorseFineArt.com
(636)458-0886, Fax (636)547-3079
401 Laurey Lane, Suite 202, Chesterfield, MO 63005

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