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Capturing Vision, Values,
Identity and Ideas

Vision Beacon is a virtual and/or physical artistic form that is showcased to capture and represent the Vision.  It can become a beacon for people to look towards to gain greater insight into the "Big Picture" context and personal meaning of a vision, values, identity and ideas. 

The representation of these concepts in a physical form allows for people to engage with a Vision Beacon TM in an ongoing, autonomous manner that fosters intrinsic views and interpretations that can help align, motivate and increase ownership. 

The Vision Beacon TM is often part of a strategy that coalesces with our strategic partner, The Morse Group, and the implementation of their DNA Mindset & Process TM

This partnership allows the ability for our client's group or team to be incorporated into the creation of the Vision Beacon TM at many levels.  This inclusion of the group or team can greatly effect the ownership and benefit of the Vision Beacon TM and can be a great tool to help the DNA Mindset & Process TM.  By being a vehicle to capture a group's alignment, discoveries and results the Vision BeaconTM captures the "story" of a group, business or organization.

The following are examples of Vision Beacons TM.

Trail of Discovery: Boeing Team Mural
St. Louis, MO

The Lewis and Clark Commemorative Paintings
United States

Maryville University
St. Louis, MO


Washington University
St. Louis, MO

Series of digital paintings commissioned.


Regional Commerce & Growth Association

St. Louis, MO


President Casinos, Admiral Riverboat
St. Louis, MO

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