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Methodology & Research

At Morse Fine Art Studios we are focused on art providing value to our clients.  We use our expertise from working with clients for over 26 years along with research from multiple sources that focus on how art can provide value to individuals, organizations, institutions, business, government, communities and cultures.

We have adopted the philosophy that a value discussion is key and that "story" is a key part of the essence of the art so we can connect our clients to pieces beyond just the "pleasing to the eye" level of value.  This is discussed more in the following text and links.

This is why we have a strategic partnership with The Morse Group and their work with Analytic/Creative Solutions which includes the use of art as both an engagement tool (DNA Mindset & ProcessTM, Engagement Platforms) and a way to capture ideas and visions for individuals and groups (Vision BeaconTM).

Much of our research is shared with The Morse Group research specifically around the value of art and its use with people, leadership and organizations.

An example of this shared research is on Evidence Based Design and its use in healthcare environments.  As highlighted in this recent study on Emergency Departments in Healthcare Design Magazine.

Research, that we feel has some of the greatest focus on art and its value, was published by Paul Bloom in his book How Pleasure Works, The New Science of Why We Like What We Like.  Mr. Bloom addresses art and why/how we value it. He bases his findings on "essentialism" and its connection to art.  He suggests that we value and like things that are connected to some aspect of who we are or aspire to be.  We want to connect and absorb things that are part of or we want to be part of our "essence".

For art, he defines a list of reasons why we value art.  They are:

  • Physical Properties
  • Attractive: patterns pleasing to the eye
  • Complement a room
  • Resembles something attractive, color flowers or beautiful face
  • Intentional
  • Intended for an audience
  • Performance
  • Status
  • Gain in value: touched someone famous or esteemed
  • Familiar
  • Positive memory: Emotive and Rational Connections

When working with our clients and our teams of artists we routinely use this list to address and categorize where the value of the art is existing or where we want it to exist.

We also feel that a key connection point is "story".  Why and how the art was created to make connections beyond just the visual form.

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