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Our Team

At Morse Fine Art Studios we are focused on art providing value to our clients.  We use our expertise from working with clients for over 26 years along with research from multiple sources that focus on how art can provide value to individuals, organizations, institutions, business, government, communities and cultures.

About our Artist / Explorers

Stuart H. Morse, Artist / Explorer

Stuart Morse is co-owner of Morse Fine Art Studios, Inc. and has been a working professional artist in the arts since 1987.  He has executed over 300 art commissions in his career, working with private collectors, institutions, corporations and communities to achieve successful solutions for the integration of the arts into public and private environments nationwide.  More Fine Art Studios, Inc. brings a full service of creating unique artwork and developing custom print editions to achieve their clients' goals.  Stuart's expertise includes his extensive knowledge as an artist and his ingenuity for creative problem solving & visioning.

As a fine art painter, Stuart specializes in urban and natural landscapes.  He depicts relationships in these environments through a unique style. "Within urban and natural landscapes I see subtle variations in surfaces and texture creating a silent yet powerful interaction of elements that create a story.  I strive to highlight this story through a dance of color and composition.  I believe this dance creates a subtle, natural dialogue that slowly evolves for the viewer, giving a deeper perception and understanding of the environment and message that has been presented through the painting."  His canvases range in size from small studies to large compositions over 12 feet in dimension. "I feel a viewer's relation and perception towards composition and subject matter differs depending on the scale of the artwork which can manipulate the viewer's vantage point and interaction."

In a continual search for nature's subtle differences, Stuart travels to many remote areas of the United States and Canada. Backpacking with a camera and sketch canvases, Stuart collects images to be turned into paintings back in his studio. "I often find my best images in areas where uncommon conditions cause interesting natural composition."

Stuart's influence in the arts extends beyond his paintings.  As a Master Art Guide of Art Expeditions, Stuart facilitates creativity through the experiential learning programs.  He brings this unique background to the Art Visioning services of Morse Fine Art Studios, Inc. 

Stacey A. Morse, Artist / Explorer

Stacey Morse is co-owner of Morse Fine Art Studios, Inc. and has been a working professional artist in the arts since 1987.  Her experience includes working with an array of clients to integrate the arts into a variety of private, corporate and community environments.  This expertise includes working to develop creative concepts and logical solutions for the effective integration of the arts for clients nationwide.  Services include arts visioning, strategic planning , the developments of public art master plans and action plans, public art, arts programming and management.

Stacey Morse has been a fine art photographer since 1987 specializing in large format black and white compositions. "As an artist I feel compelled to seek out the different and unique visual elements I want to capture." The emphasis of her work to date is composed of dramatic landscape photographs as well as dynamic images composed from subject matter and environments one might pass without consideration.

Stacey works with a variety of photographic equipment including 35mm, 4x5, 5x7 and 8x10 view cameras allowing her the opportunity to produce prints as large as 5' x 6'. "I feel that the imagery determines the final prints size and printing techniques. Some imagery may require a smaller print format or softer printing technique to bring the viewer into the composition. While other images may require large scale, exhibition formats giving the viewer the feeling that they could step into the scene, becoming an integral part of the photographed environment."

The creative drive to explore new environments and collect imagery has taken Stacey to many areas of the United States and Canada. She travels by means of backpack and utilizes an old Toyota Land cruiser retrofitted to accommodate a photographic shooting platform. "I go where my subject demands me to go. If that means climbing a 14,000 foot mountain with a view camera in tow then that's what I'll do. The artwork should not be sacrificed for lack of ambition."

A Bachelors degree in fine art has enabled Stacey to combine talents in both drawing and photography exploring the integration of each into her work. Stacey's photography background includes six years experience working as a commercial photographer with one of Missouri's largest studios as well as creating photographic art compositions for a variety of clients. Stacey is co-owner of Morse Fine Art Studios, Inc. which creates commissioned fine art photography, paintings and environments for a variety of interior and exterior spaces. Services also include consulting to various organizations to develop public art programs throughout the country.

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