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Original Paintings

Original Paintings created by artist Stuart H. Morse depict his ongoing exploration of the human condition.  Stuart's interest is conveyed through his paintings which capture the story, context and environment which people live their lives and connect with others and the world around them.

The St. Louis Series

wptgthumb Market Street.JPG (5582 bytes)
The Gateway,
St. Louis Series I


wptg_St._Louis_Series_I_Soldiers_Fortune.jpg (21163 bytes)
Soldiers Fortune,
St. Louis Series I

Holding Court,
St. Louis Series I

Individual Pieces

wptgthumb Red_bluff.JPG (5077 bytes)
Red Bluff
Parent Child

wptgthumb home of snake river.JPG (4560 bytes)
Home of Snake River

wptgthumb Serene, Risk Natural.JPG (5696 bytes)
Serene, Risk, Natural

wptgthumb clearing.JPG (8140 bytes)

wptgthumb The Elder.JPG (5956 bytes)
The Elder

wptgthumb horizons.JPG (4339 bytes)

wptgthumb The_Enlightenment.JPG (7371 bytes)
The Enlightenment

wptgthumb Dance of Blueridge.JPG (8273 bytes)
Dance of the Blueridge

Under the
wptgthumb Nothing_and_Everything.JPG (6432 bytes)
Nothing and Everything
wptgthumb only_the_few.JPG (6508 bytes)
Only the Few
wptgthumb out_looking_in.JPG (3577 bytes)
Outside Looking In
wptgthumb Marriage of pines.JPG (6928 bytes)
Marriage of the Pines
wptgthumb seclusion.JPG (7098 bytes)

A Swim with Jim and Nancy



Maryville University
Editions package







Woodbridge, MO
Lewis and Clark Series

Lewis and Clark Series

wptgthumb Assimilation.JPG (7719 bytes)


wptgthumb Keller Bridge.JPG (4440 bytes)
Keller Bridge


Pacific at Bay


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